I know what you are thinking, Honey. | Doubtful News. Om påstådd telepatisk kontakt. En bättre förklaring är aaad emotional closeness/emotionell närhet.

I know what you are thinking, Honey. | Doubtful News.

I know what you are thinking, Honey.

February 17, 2013


Parapsychologists assert that psi is “quantum-related” and a “fact” especially between those who are emotionally attached.

Telepathy Between Couples: Is It Real? : Discovery News.

When Julie Beischel met Mark Boccuzzi at a conference and agreed to participate in an experiment on telepathy, she didn’t immediately tell him about the powerful connections she’d felt to him; after all, they were strangers.

The data from the experiment backed up her perception, however, and the couple eventually asked Dean Radin, senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) that conducted the summer study program, to marry them.

Now, they are co-writing a book, Psychic Intimacy: A Handbook for Couples, that will highlight practical applications of telepathy for couples.

In British expert Rupert Sheldrake’s studies of telephone telepathy, emotional closeness was shown to be a stronger predictor of success than physical closeness.

Meanwhile, with the rise of quantum biology, Radin can start to tug at the beginning of an explanation for the correlation that rises between people who are physically separated. Telepathy, he says, looks something like quantum entanglement: When things are correlated at a distance without energy transferred between the two points.

I’m not convinced Radin understands how quantum mechanics work. (What evidence is there for “quantum biology”?) But I can tell him and this couple a bit about relationships. It’s quite normal that when people share common interests (even each other as an interest), they will tend to see the world through those lenses and focus on similar things around them. Thus, similar thoughts come up at the same time and sometimes we express them at the same time. This is to be EXPECTED.

Psi (various manifestations of extrasensory perception) has been tested on twins and other relatives who share genetic similarities. The evidence for psi is less than overwhelming with other factors coming into play. One BIG problem I have is that proponents of psi make it out to be so impressive. But if it is impressive, why is it so hard to pin down? “Quantum” is a sciencey buzzword and neat idea on which many paranormalists are attempting to capitalize. But it has not been shown to work that way. They need to talk to some physicists instead of making up more of these speculative explanations.

No, they are just going to insist stuff really loudly:

“[Pyschologist Ray] (sic) Hyman and the other skeptics simply lost the Ganzfeld debate,” said Chris Carter, author of Science and Psychic Phenomena: the Fall of the House of Skeptics.  “Telepathy is a fact, regardless of what the deniers will tell you. A central point of my book is that the controversy is not really about evidence.  The ‘skeptics’ simply ignore the evidence; when they can’t ignore it, they deny it, and when they can’t deny it, they try to suppress it.”

Telepathy is a fact. Then it should have been much easier than this to document and explain lo these many years. We are still waiting. Carter has some claims to back up there. Skeptics aren’t asserting that some mystery sense really exists outside of time and space. Parapsychologists are. The burden of proof will be pretty high.

Something to keep in mind when reading pieces like this, you can’t confirm the details of the stories given or how well the experiments were constructed. That holds the key to whether these trumpeted conclusions are valid.

For more on making stuff sound impressively sciencey, see my web column, Sounds Sciencey.

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