Wellcome Trust Research Round-Up: 18/08/14

Neuroscientific news from Wellcome Trust Research:

1) Mind and body: link between immune system and mental health

2)Momentary subjective well-being: a mathematical equation to predict happiness

3)Toxic proteins implicated in brain diseases

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Our fortnightly round-up up of news from the Wellcome Trust research community…

Mind and body: link between immune system and mental health

The immune system may have a role to play in mental illness, suggests research from the University of Cambridge, published in JAMA Psychiatry last week.

With funding from the Trust, as well as the NIHR and the MRC, the team from Cambridge carried out the first ever longitudinal study to examine the link between inflammatory markers, such as the protein interleukin-6 (IL-6), in childhood and subsequent mental illness.

ALSPAC - Children of the 90sThey took blood samples from 4,500 individuals (from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, or Children of the 90s), at age 9 and followed up at age 18 to see if they had experienced episodes of depression or psychosis. They found that those participants whose levels of IL-6 were deemed ‘high’ when children were nearly twice as likely to…

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