VIDEO: Does the Universe Have a Purpose? feat. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Does the universe have a purpose or an intentionality, i.e. a goal? If so, what (or who) then is the Hidden Causal Agent (HCA)?

Many religious believers call that HCA God. But if God created the whole universe for us humans to take care of and find pleasure in, why did this Creator God choose to wait around 13.7 billion years before creating us in His own image (in imaginem Sui/Dei)?

This means that we human beings have existed just 0.0001 percent of the time gone since God created our universe.

Or you can look at it in this way: Life on planet Earth is 3.5 billion years old. Why did God wait so long before creating Adam and Eve?

What can the divine explanation be? Does it mean that God seemingly suffers from procrastination? Or can it be that the concept of a creating God is just pure religious bullshit?

Find out the answers in this video: . The video’s title is “Does the universe have a purpose? feat.Neil deGrasse Tyson”.

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