15 hallucinatory patterns or classes of figures + Hypothesis explaining the brilliant light experiences in NDEs

TWO ARTICLES worth reading, especially for UFO non-believers and atheists.

ARTICLE #1: Click this link: http://www.oubliette.org.uk/Three.html  An article about entoptic phenomena including the findings of Max Knoll and his research team, who investigated the spontaneous creation of phosphenes by electrical stimulation of the surface of the brain (the cerebral cortex).

Knoll found that pulses in the same frequency range as brain waves (from 5 cycles per second to about 40) were most effective in producing phosphenes. He tested more than 1000 people and about half of these subjects could see geometric figures. By varying the frequency of the pulses the patterns also changed. The patterns induced were divided into 15 classes or groups of figures (plus a number of variations within each class/group/category). Even more interesting is the fact that for each person tested the spectrum of phosphenes (i. e. the kind of pattern at each frequency) was repeatable, even after six months.

MY OWN HYPOTHESIS is that these classes of geometric patterns probably can explain many (most?) UFO observations containing some kind of geometrical pattern observations (like stars, triangles, diamond shapes, lattices, spirals and so on) in the sky. For more information, see for example this Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entoptic_phenomenon .

ARTICLE #2: Click this link: http://bokkon-brain-imagery.5mp.eu/web.php?a=bokkon-brain-imagery&o=LtVfeyyeI8 . That article has the following title: Hypothesis about brilliant lights by bioluminescent photons in near deat experiences (and is written by István Bókkon and Vahid Salari).

To explain their hypothesis I quote from the article’s abstract: [M]eeting brilliant light in NDEs is due to the reperfusion that induces unregulated overproduction of free radicals and excited biomolecules among them in numerous parts in the visual system. Unregulated free radicals and excited species can produce a transient increase of bioluminescent photons in different areas of the visual system. If this excess of bioluminescent photon emission exceeds a threshold, they can appear as (phosphene) lights in our mind. In other words, seeing a brilliant light in NDEs may due to bioluminescent photons simultaneously generated in the recovery phase of numerous areas of the visual system and the brain interprets these intrinsic bioluminescent photons as if they were originated from the external visual world. [End of quote]

MY OWN HYPOTHESIS is that phosphenes created by bioluminescent photons in the retina and the visual cortex can explain the brilliant light experiences in NDEs. That is: There’s no need of supernatural (= religious) entities in order to explain this light phenomenon.

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