If the Bible Were Law, Would You Qualify for the Death Penalty?

Valerie Tarico asks in this blog a question to her readers/followers: Let’s suppose that the Bible were law in your country. Would you then be sentenced to death?

Of course all atheists would be executed because of blasphemy; that goes without saying. But what about other people? Is there any now living human who hasn’t broken at least one of the divine laws and therefore should be killed? For example by having premarital sex or by not obeying his or her parents? I’m afraid that we should all be stoned to death or executed in some other way.

We know from the Bible that God has eradicated humanity once, in the Flood, except for eight people. But why doesn’t that same God kill all of today’s divine law breakers? Why making laws and then don’t care a bit about implementing and using them?

It’s not only non-believers, apostats and homosexuals who qualify for the death penalty. Or is it?


This week the Supreme Court declined to review a Texas murder case in which a juror brought a Bible into the sentencing process – showing that the Bible recommends death for anyone who kills another person with an iron rod (Numbers 35:16).

Let me say for the record that I’m not against the death penalty, and in this case it sounds like the defendant fit my criteria, too. I know I’m ruining my liberal credentials here, but I frankly don’t have any moral problem with the jury condemning him to death. However, to do so based on the sanctification of a Bronze Age legal code is somewhat horrifying–especially given the list of other “crimes” that are recommended for capital punishment in the Bible.

Yes, yes, the court assures us that even though bringing the Bible into the sentencing was improper, there is no evidence that it swayed the jury. Rest…

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