Two more bloggers absolutely worth following, at least if you’re an atheist or agnostic

About a month ago I listed some of my favorite bloggers. Please, have a look at .

Since then, here are two more blogs I’ve found and now want to promote,

#1 – or #17 if I continue the counting from my blog mentioned above: A blog called “Refuting God”, see . The blogger “rounaqb” focuses on arguments commonly used by theists to help them believe in the existence of God. “Rounaqb” demonstrates that those theistic arguments – for example the “Kalam Cosmological Argument”, “Pascal’s Wager” etc – are both illogical and full of inconsistencies (i.e. bullshit). And maybe best of all, it’s fairly easy to follow and understand “rounaqb’s” way of reasoning. He’s got pedagogic talents.

#2 – or # 18 “from start”: This blog is called “Reasonable doubts – your skeptical guide to religion”. Here you’ll find both blog articles and podcasts. A good variety of topics. Sometimes other prominent nontheistic bloggers are interviewed. Click this link, .

To be continued…

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