Mirrored-Self Misidentification: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who I See is not Me at all

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who I see is not me at all.
When you look into a mirror, who do you see? Yourself?

Not if you have Mirrored-self misidentification, a delusional belief that your reflection in a mirror belongs to a stranger’s. The stranger just happens to look like you.
The disorder might be because of mirror agnosia, an inability to properly interact with a mirror. There might also be a deficit in facial reading and identification involved.

What is really interesting is that this delusion can be induced in a laboratory via hypnosis. One study took participants and hypnotized them, urging them that when they looked into a mirror, they would either see a stranger’s reflection or not be able to recognize the person. Half of the participants received the suggestion when hypnotized, and the other half received it when fully awake. Needless to say, those hypnotized with…

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