The Teleological Argument From Design

I’ve already recommended a blog called “Refuting God: Exploring the reasons to believe in the existence of God”. And now I’m doing it again.

I like the topics chosen by the blogger (called rounaqb). And his (?) sound, rational, logical, almost humble and always well written way of debating.

He (?) provides a lot of arguments that are useful for people who, like him (?), want to oppose all the theological bullshit reasoning that can be found on the internet.

The article I chose to reblog is just one of many such examples of good refutation of common theistic argumentation and dogmas.

BTW, here you can see some other interesting topics and articles from rounaqb’s Refuting God blog:

Refuting God

infraredDartGrayEarlier in this blog, I tried to respond to the complexetic argument from design. I am now trying to refute the teleological one which is also known as the fine tuning argument. Thanks to the numerous people who advised me to do this and motivated me get my PC and type.

The teleological argument from design asserts that in this beautifully complex universe, everything is in the perfect order and is made for some definite purposes. Like everything is just in the right place at the right time everywhere. For example, the colour of the grass grass is green, the perfect colour for our eyes, if it would have been blue then it would have been awkward. Another example is given that earth is in the exact distance from the sun, not too far not too close as we can live in in it. Further they assert that if the…

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