Emergent Complexity | Collage: Emergence – The complex, the complicated, and the chaotic

The scientific evidence is on the side of consciousness being an emergent property. Also have a look at

1) http://www.quora.com/Is-consciousness-an-emergent-property-of-the-brain-or-a-fundamental-property-of-matter

2) http://emergentcognition.com/2015/06/12/emergent-cognition-collage-the-emergence-of-fractals/

The idea that consciousness is a “fundamental property of matter” is mostly built on pure ontological speculations and wishful thinking that life is a gift from some divine being and thus must have a “higher” meaning and goal.

Emergent Cognition Project

Emergence, as it is used here, is a type of complexity. Which is to say, all emergent phenomena are complex, but not all complex phenomena are emergent.

Complex is also distinct from complicated, and this distinction can be characterized in the context of processes and results. Ordered processes that produce predictable results constitute a simple system. However, a system involving disordered processes that produces predictable results is complicated. A system of ordered or disordered processes that produces unpredictable results is complex. Emergent complexity has typically referred to systems of ordered processes and unpredictable results.

Although there are more technical attempts at defining complexity, it is helpful to remember its dynamic nature. All complex systems involve elements of both chaos and order. Ironically, it is the complementary dimension of order that makes complexity more complicated that chaos.


The complexity of a physical system or a dynamical process expresses…

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