Life Is Even More Inexplicable – New findings about orphan genes and promiscuous proteins.

My highly valued cyber friend Charles Rogers is a very interesting blogger. He combines both knowledge and wisdom.

In this specific blog he and I discuss/debate questions about (the genetic and evolutionary aspects of) life, especially its still unknown, at least partly, origin.

I hope our debate will be of great interest for my blog followers, too.

The topics discussed and penetrated also show that religion and science will never meet and probably can’t be reconciled with each other.

For safety’s sake I feel a need to clarify that Charles Rogers -a.k.a. the blogger clanton1934 – is NOT a creationist. We both belong to the scientific “team”. So, please, don’t jump to any premature conclusions.

Instead, start your own quest for the “truth” by reading and pondering – BOTH the blog post AND the comments.

Charles Clanton Rogers


On August 5, 2015, I published a blog post, “Life Is Inexplicable”, reviewing contrasting views on the origin of life (Addy Proos and Richard Dawson).   I received a lot of interest in that post. The link to that post is:

My discussions in “Life Is A Journey” further discussed these questions; see this link

My opinion remains contrary to the random-mechanism scientists, (Dawkins and Hoffman), (9, 12) who believe life rose by only random, physical encounters of, first, organic chemicals, then “living molecules”. These scientist believe that living DNA replicates itself,  and all life by random mistakes without a purpose. I concluded that in spite of remarkable findings in nano technology, I believe a mystery remains. This mystery is: from where does Dr. Proos’ “engine” came?  What continues to drive “the engine in the car” (the living cell) uphill against Newton’s  Second Law of Motion. Furthermore what has sustained this…

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One response to “Life Is Even More Inexplicable – New findings about orphan genes and promiscuous proteins.

  1. I just got an email in my mailbox that confirms my view that many people – like Charles Rogers and I – like to debate the Religion vs. Science questions.

    Anyhow, the mail invited me and other mail subscribers to a debate in Seattle, USA, between MICHAEL SHERMER and LARRY TAUNTON, on September 30.

    One of many important questions the both opponents will address is whether the concept of God is beneficial or detrimental to society.

    Exploring the effects of the idea of God on humanity will probably bring these two participants to consider a variety of issues, including human suffering, morality, and meaning of life.

    According to Larry Taunton, “Every meaningful movement in the history of the West has been fueled by Christianity… because they all appealed to a higher law” [instituted and endorsed by an omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent God].

    Michael Shermer, on the other hand, takes an opposing stance. He asserts that religion is largely to blame for some of the worst atrocities in human history. (And I myself agree.)

    In fact, in his latest book, The Moral Arc, Shermer maintains that science and reason will lead us to a virtuous and increasingly moral existence.

    According to Shermer, we are “getting better at solving problems” as we continue to evolve.

    It’s a pity I can’t attend and listen to that debate in Seattle.

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