Blogger’s GPS – 22 Writing Sages. Reading/Writing as a way to share thoughts and emotions and pass them on to future generations.

This blog is so full of knowledge and wisdom.

If you want to enrichen your own life, then Charles Roger’s blog is a must-read.

If you liked this one, then I’m sure you’ll also appreciate what can be found here: .

Charles Rogers (a.k.a. the blogger clanton1934) at his best!

He is scientifically well educated (today a professor emeritus), but also a great defender of human values and especially interested in what makes humans human. I’m so glad I found him and his blog on the web.

Charles Clanton Rogers


I think I might have been born in a library or a bookstore!  From the first moment I can remember, I was surrounded by books. Dead tree, hardcover decorated books. My security blanket was a book. Decades before Sesame Street, my”Swiss-Army-knife” of a teacher was my grandmother.  I was her project for six years. Grandmother read to me, as many times as I wished (shamelessly I was indulged!). At about four years, she would have me point to the words and say them out loud. She had me “reading” the books. (It was not reading for real – I knew the stories by heart, and there were as many pictures as text )  She would show me a page, and I would speak the story from memory. It was my fun, and a positive experience to say the least. Seven decades later and in spite of the electronic age, I love to…

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