Speaking of how religious beliefs can poison the mind of a true believer, here’s just ONE terrifying example.

This story made its way to the newsdesks here in Sweden the other day.

It’s about a 47-year-old man accused of murdering his nine-year-old daughter and assaulting his own wife and an older stepdaughter (plus the boyfriend of this stepdaughter), trying to kill them too.

The man is suspected to suffer from severe religious delusions. *well, I’m not the least surprised*

He has himself told the police that God ordered him to wring the neck of her daughter in order to kill her. When he hesitated, he was promised by God that this “act of love” would guarantee his daughter an eternal life in Heaven.

“I was deceived by the devil all the time”, the man said in the first hearing after the murder.

On 9 July this summer the 47-year-old company director was arrested in his own home, suspected to have stabbed her nine-year-old daughter to death in that same family house.

The man was taken by police to a psychiatric emergency department.

The day after the girl’s death the first hearing was held with the murderer. According to the interrogation documents the 47-year-old-man asked the interrogator to let him meet his nine-year-old daughter again, whom he was convinced now had been resurrected to a new life, because God the Almighty had promised him that would be the case.

Later in the same interrogation the man tells the interrogator that he obviously, during the last months, seems to have been duped by the Devil. Satan must have pretended to be God and being the one communicating with him.

“One minute I feel like I have sold my soul to God, the other second, it feels like I’ve sold my soul to the devil, the man told the interrogator.

The man also says that he grew up in a religious home and that his own father was a pastor in a Pentecostal church he himself had founded.

In subsequent questionings, the man tells the interrogator that he has been on heavy medication due to sleep problems. He also discloses that earlier in his life he has been a drug addict, and that psychiatric doctors have told him that he manifested distinct psychotic symptoms.

During the interrogations the man also admits that he obviously must have suffered from religious delusions. He says that God used to speak to him through persons, particularly children, in his surroundings and through radio or television broadcasts.

The man also tells what happened on that special day he murdered his own nine-year-old daughter. He says the delusions took a new turn during the day when his daughter was murdered. He felt as if God spoke directly into his brain that day.

“The voice of God told me to go out in the backyard of the house and ask my daughter, who was playing there, to join him.

While standing there in the backyard waiting for his daughter to come to him. he says he was instructed by God to count down from three to zero. He was also told, by God, that when saying ZERO, he would immediately be shot to death.

Since the man wanted to obey God, he began counting down and came to ZERO, without anything happening. He was of course surprised, but interpreted it as he, like once Abraham, just had passed a divine test.

The man also says that he was convinced that if he refused to obey what God told him to do, then he would be punished. And the punishment for disobedience of God’s will is, as “all know”, an eternity of suffering in Hell.

Back in the house, now together with his daughter, the voices in his head soon returned, leading to devastating consequences.

During the interrogation, the man says that God soon demanded him to break the neck of his own nine-year-old daughter.

When he hesitated, God promised him that his daughter would of course be resurrected, She would wake up to eternal life.Because he loved his daughter so much, the man couldn’t resist that promise or offer by God. Who wants to prohibit an eternal life in Heaven for his own children?

So the man made now a first attempt to break the neck of her daughter, but was unsuccessful.

The daughter was able to break free and ran up to her room on the upper floor in the house and tried to block the door.

The man tried to open the door, but realized he couldn’t. So he went back, downstairs, heading for the kitchen. There he took a knife from a drawer. With the knife in his right hand he returned back to the girl’s room and soon managed to open the door.

The man’s wife (and also the girl’s mother) heard there was a fuss, with a lot of screaming, going on upstairs, so she decided to find out what was going on.

Despite attempts by the mother to prevent him, the husband managed to give his (and her) own daughter multiple stabs with the kitchen knife, and soon those stab wounds caused the girl’s death.Afterwards the man attacked his own wife with his knife. And also the wife’s adult daughter from a previous relationship, who now appeared on the upper floor of the house, together with her boyfriend.

All three were attacked by the the 47-year-old man, and hurt by him and his knife. But he didn’t manage to give them any deadly wounds.

The man admits that everything points toward the fact that his own physical body must have performed all these terrifying acts, but he claims that he himself – that is his soul – can’t have been present when all these wrongdoings happened in the house. So the real murderer is no other than – Satan. The Devil Himself.

Are there still any followers of my blog who don’t understand why I call religion a poisonous and detrimental delusion?


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5 responses to “Speaking of how religious beliefs can poison the mind of a true believer, here’s just ONE terrifying example.

  1. And so we add another one to the deranged list of , “God told me to do it.”

  2. This is just so disheartening. There are so many like him who slip under the radar because their mental disorder is clothed in religious garb.

  3. @john zande & (Victoria) Neuronotes. Many thanks for your comments! To my own followers I just want to sat: Follow these two bloggers, if you are interested in knowing more about religious delusions and what methods/techniques churches and their ministers, not to speak of true believer parents, use to prime their “children”.

    Just as an apéritif, read more about such things here: https://victorianeuronotes.wordpress.com/2015/09/08/are-brainwashing-techniques-in-the-bible-and-strategically-used-in-churches/ .

    As soon as I have the time, I intend to reblog some blog pearls from both Victoria’s and John Zande’s blogs. I hope you already follow these two bloggers. Otherwise you should really consider doing it. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. To me it sounds as if that man suffers from schizophrenia, but since his father was a pastor, maybe (read unfortunately) nobody noticed (or didn’t want to notice?) If there had been at least one person who had noticed that man’s mental health problems, the poor girl’s death could’ve been prevented.
    It’s a sad story.

  5. @juliawinnacker: Thanks for your comment! I agree with you!

    The most obvious diagnosis is of course schizophrenia. A psychosis like schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder. Thoughts and emotions become so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. And that leads, not surprisingly, to hallucinations and/or delusions.

    I also want to call your attention to dissociation disorders.

    Dissociative symptoms are common, not only among schizophrenics but also non-psychotic “ordinary” people often have dissociative symptoms, at least now and then.

    The five cardinal symptoms of dissociation include:

    1) Memory problems, not only of the amnestic kind but also, and maybe above all, distortion of memories. Such memory problems make “correct” decision-making harder.

    2) Depersonalization = a sense of detachment or disconnection from one’s self. (A most common symptom associated with depersonalization is feeling like a stranger to one’s self.)

    3) Derealization = a sense of disconnection from familiar people or one’s surroundings. Distortion is the key word also in this symptom category

    4) Identity confusion = having problem defining and correctly understanding one’s own identity or sense of self.

    5) Identity alteration = a sense of acting like a different person. This symptom is related to “creating” imaginary friends during childhood (and worshipping hidden causal agents – a.k.a. gods – up in the sky when you’re an adult).

    Religious faith is, unfortunately, a well-functioning hotbed for both psychosis and dissociative disturbances.

    BTW, here are some more diagnoses known to be coexisting with dissociative disorders:

    Major depression
    Generalized anxiety disorder
    Bipolar disorder
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
    Obsessive compulsive disorder
    Eating disorders
    Substance abuse disorders
    Sleep disorders
    Impulse control disorders

    So I’m not exaggerating when I claim that dissociative disorders are more common than we normally are aware of. And, once again, religious faith seems to facilitate dissociative thoughts and emotions.

    Dissociation can be seen as a universal reaction to overwhelming trauma. And religions, as you surely know, are linked to various types of traumas. Common traumas in religious families are often emotional, but also physical traumas occur (even sexual abuse).

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