The Teleology Challenge a.k.a. the Evil God Challenge

In this blog post John Zande focuses a hard nut to crack for all theists.

In a way it all boils down to the biblical view that everything that happens in our universe is determined by the Creator of this universe, and therefore a part of His creation plan.

This must lead to the conclusion that this same Creator, of course, has foreseen all atrocities that have taken place around the world/universe from the start of this creation process.

Or, in the words of the Holy Scripture: Psalm 139:16 (the New International Version, NIV):

“Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

Can it be expressed in a more distinct and evident than in that Bible verse? (I would call that a rhetorical question.)

And now I quote directly from John Zande’s scholarly blog post (that is the one I’m now going to reblog):

God, by definition, is maximally competent, and to propose anything less is simply preposterous.

God, by definition, is maximally efficient. There are no mistakes. There can be no mistakes, no missteps, no lapses or miscalculations.

What exists, exists because it was envisaged by the Catalogue of Catalogues that is the mind of God.

We are not, therefore, starting from a position that claims the machine—Creation—is broken.

[Instead w]e must assume the apparatus has not malfunctioned, and Creation is unfurling exactly as designed by the mistake-free Creator.

So what have theists to say in defence of their God/Creator? Do they worship a benevolent and loving divine entity or a malevolent and evil one?

John Zande has, so far, received more than 260 comments to his post. But still no real answer to that question posed in the paragraph above this one. How come? Can’t those believing in the Abrahamic God distinguish between benevolence and malevolence?

The_Pied_Piper_of_Hamelin_by_ChrisRawlinsSince its publication in June this year, not a single intelligible rebuttal has been offered to the general thesis presented in The Owner of All Infernal Names: An Introductory Treatise on the Existence, Nature & Government of Our Omnimalevolent Creator.

In its most trimmed down presentation, that thesis presents a diverse library of evidences which support the conclusion that this world was brought into existence by what a human mind would call a perfectly wicked, malevolent Creator; a maximally powerful being whose arousal and stimulatory needs are satisfied best by the suffering which pervades all of Creation, and whose single-minded objective is to amplify His pleasure-taking over time. To these ends, the Creator has (demonstrably) structured His most notable of creations, the universe itself, to perform as a monumental pleasure-generating mechanism: an intelligently designed, deceptively natural, appallingly efficient complexity machine where the naturally unravelling consequences of its single instruction—to…

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