Neuroscience Explanations For ‘Spiritual’ Experiences – Part 2

Is it offensive to call religious belief a mental disorder (which, by the way, is not the same as saying it is a mental illness or mental disease)?

Then I recommend you take part of this blog post written by the outstanding Victoria Neuronotes.

When you’ve read her blog post and looked at all the videos she links to, why not try to delve into this fascinating topic even more?

Here are some links to articles I can recommend for those of you longing for more information:

1) ;

2) (Ideas conveyed by famous Oxford University neuroscientist Kathleen Taylor and Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford University);

3),21992.0.html (a forum thread called: Schizotypal personality disorder and religion; based on famous Stanford neurobiologist Professor Robert Sapolsky.);

4) (A critical review of Professor Sapolsky’s take on the connection between schizotypal personality disorder and religious – and/or woo-ish – faith/beliefs; is Professor Sapolsky way too oversimplistic when promoting his message?).

But I urge you to start by looking at Victoria’s own videos in her brilliant blog post above.

BTW, don’t miss this wonderful video by world famous neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran: .

In this video Professor Ramachandran tells his audience about one of his patients, a man who after split-brain surgery ended up with one brain hemisphere being atheistic and the other one theistic.

Professor Ramachandran wonders, and speculates: Where will that man end up? In Heaven or Hell?

Maybe his soul will have to be one week in Heaven and then move to Hell to stay there for one week? A switch repeated over and over again. Now and for evermore.

What do you think thereof? I’m curious to know.

Victoria NeuroNotes

Something Else To Think About

“A man in his late 20s with paranoid schizophrenia explained during a neurological evaluation that he could read minds and that for years he had heard voices revealing things about friends and strangers alike. He believed he was selected by God to provide guidance for mankind.

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16 responses to “Neuroscience Explanations For ‘Spiritual’ Experiences – Part 2

  1. Thank you for the reblog and, as always, for your support and kind words. I look forward to reading your links. They are always chock-full of insights.

  2. I don’t believe in the concept of heaven and hell, so I think his soul will end up neither in heaven nor hell. I don’t even know if there’s an afterlife – IF I wanted to check it out I had to die, but I won’t do that because life is much too precious.

  3. Jag tar mig friheten att skriva till dig på mitt modersmål och på detta sätt ge dig den mejladress jag tidigare berättat om i annat fora.
    Jag ska även ge mig på din blogg då jag ser många intressanta titlar på inläggen. Men det blir inte just ikväll!

  4. I’m worried about you. What’s the reason for your long absence from WordPress? I hope you’re just extremely busy with real life, but I’d be relieved if you could say something.

  5. @juliawinnacker: I’ve lost interest in blogging and commenting in English. I’ve started to express myself only in my native language (Swedish). Maybe I’ll come back some day. But I don’t know when. (I’m still kicking and alive. 🙂 , so don’t worry, dear cyberfriend.)

  6. i’m extremely interested, in the topic in the above post,

    nonetheless, i have stopped by you blog because you have favoured a comment, which i have made another blog,

    where i will now follow..

    You have sparked curiosity within my childlike soul..


  7. @chris jensen

    Jensen is a Danish surname. Do you have a Danish ancestry? Maybe your grandparents lived in Denmark before they emigrated to the “New World”?

    Tell me, chris, since you are so interested in the topic of this blog article, whether you are a believer or a skeptic. Do you believe in God or are you an agnostic? As you understand (I hope) I’m a militant atheist.

  8. My learned Swedish friend, there might be an interesting abortion thread beginning at Jim’s blog. Link below

  9. Why are you flabbergasted, John Zande? 🙂

    Such debates tend ro become fatuous and pointless rather soon.

    I still get nightmares if I, before going to bed in order to sleep, start thinking of some of the bombastic pro-life comments on your own blog while we debated abortion there last summer.

    Pro-life people seem to be resistant to facts that don’t fit in with their own opinions.

  10. BTW, I suspect that God doesn’t like our comments on TheCommonAtheist’s blog. He seemingly tries to hide them.

    Or do you have a better explanation to why the comments don’t appear in chronological order?

    Albert Einstein once told Max Born that he ( = Albert) was convinced God does not play dice with the universe.

    Maybe Albert was right. But I now become more and more convinced that God actually does play dice with our comments on TheCommonAtheist’s blog. 🙂

    • Jim’s cool, but I have no idea why everything’s backwards. The thread we’re on will now travel down as normal. But, if someone leaves a fresh comment (unrelated) it’ll go to the top.

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