I’m a Swedish atheist and anti-woo debater interested in the human brain, especially its dysfunctions. Modern neuroscience can explain why people believe in gods, souls, ghosts, UFOs, telepathy, and the like. In my eyes religion is closely related to believing that paranormal and supernatural entities/experiences/phenomena are real.

So religion and religious belief systems are yet another kind of so-called woo thinking, which is also known as magical thinking, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_thinking . I call this way of processing information IPS #1. (IPS = Information Processing System).

This more “primitive” or, if you dislike that word, less complex and less elaborated thought paradigm equals the child’s emotional, intuitive, associative, preverbal, non-logical (or at least prelogical) one. Therefore such an adult person becomes gullible, credulous and naive since he or she is processing sensory information by, particularly, using the brain’s immature, “childish” cognitive functions and methods.

BTW, you can also follow me on Twitter if you want to. There I call myself BB News, and my hashtag is @bbnewsab.


20 responses to “About

  1. Thanks for your feedback. The blog circle of mine is getting bigger. And yeah, I sincerely noted your objections(to my themes) and I will try to find a better colour. Nice blog of yours by the way.

  2. Dear bbnewsab, I have been trying to reach you. I’m not really Twitter literate. I wanted to thank you for re blogging my posts. Your comments were very generous! Do you have an e-mail address? Mine is charlesclantonrogers@gmail.com. Obviously, we share interest. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in sharing book recommendations, etc. (I visited the University of Uppsala in 1968). Charles Rogers

    • I have both private and more “official” mail addresses. Try this one: bbnews@gmail.com. But when I write this reply, you and I have since long established contact both via mail and now also carrier pigeons.

      But there may be others out there in the darkness who want to send me a mail or two in order to tell me what they think of my sinful way of blogging. Only God knows…

  3. Thanks for the sub. You should know, I’m a little bias towards Scandinavians. That’s were I should have been born. My best friend is from Viborg, Denmark, but that’s not why I’m bias. I just think Scandinavia rocks.

  4. Argh, where is your “follow blog by email” button?

    • @john zande: Oh, sorry for that.

      Actually, I thought God and His angels would guide those who wanted to follow this godless, blasphemous and impious blog.

      But alas!

      Now I notice that one of God’s angels instead must have hidden the Follow button. *isn’t hard to guess why*

      On second thoughts, this is what I should have expected from that sinister and invidious imaginary friend who seemingly prefer sitting on his throne of gold at the Tiananmen Square a.k.a. the Gate of Heavenly Peace.

      I should have known better – cf. what Annie Lennox tells her “followers”/fans in this fabulous Eurythmics video.

      Heavenly music, isn’t it?

      Amen to that.

  5. @john zande: Who said it would be easy to find that button?

    You see, true God believers, not used to logical thinking, are not supposed to find it.

    So now, by finding the button, you’ve proved to me – and also to yourself – you’re a real God disbeliever. A disrespectful blasphemer. By divine right.

    Welcome on board! Hope you’ll enjoy the trip!

    It’s full board and lodging for all my passengers. And best of all: All is free. Exactly as it is in Heaven (at least I’m told so by some priests I’ve met).

    And furthermore: Never any begging for money or asking for tithes to keep the blog ship sailing. It’s an eternal promise.

    So my offer is definitely a much better deal than that one God, His angels and His priests are used to tempt their followers (passengers) with.

  6. Hey there, thanks a million for following my humble blog 🙂

    • The pleasure is on my side, juliawinnacker. I notice you are interested in art, literature and other “beaux arts”. And that you’re an author yourself..

      That sounds terrific. But why do you blog in two languages, German and English? Is is because you love languages (words)? Or is there another reason?

      • Thanks a lot 🙂 It’s also nice to meet you, bbnewsab.
        Of course I love languages 😀 That’s why I write stories in both English and German, but there are also topics about which I can talk freely in one language, but not in the other.
        When I started the German blog, it had been bilingual. Soon I found that translating each post into the language that it wasn’t originally written in became somewhat difficult and sometimes even annoying. That’s why I started the English blog. So you see, there’s no mystery behind it 😉

  7. Just popping in to say hi! Hope your okey!

  8. Me, too. Miss you. Have thought about you often.

  9. Sarah

    Hello. I am curious if you believe that creating alter egos of yourself online, anonymously, is a woo personality trait.

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